Garden Centres – More Than Just Pot Plants

Garden Centre Planteria

In recent years the growth of pop-up shops has been extraordinary, with town centres being rejuvenated by this growing retail trend. However, it is not just the high street that stands to gain.

The garden centre industry has shown itself to be weather proof against the recession, with repeated growth year on year. They have been increasing their profit by transforming from a place with an excellent horticulture reputation, to thriving venues within local communities where people meet for coffee and visit for a day out.

The importance of creating a more diverse retail offer within garden centres has gathered momentum in recent times. As gardening has truly established itself as one of the nation’s favourite hobbies, the growth of garden centres has meant that owners now, in order to maintain interest, need to provide customers reasons to visit outside the main gardening seasons.

This has led to them being the perfect destination for pop-up shops. Garden centres now play host to a series of manned and unmanned concessions, ranging from toys to shoes, to women’s clothing.

Recently there has also been a surge in food offers, with more producing own brand, locally produced baked and cupboard goods. Some garden centres have even gone so far as to offer pop-up fruit and veg stalls, which are encouraging more and more regular customers who wish to support local suppliers.

The benefit of the pop-up shop style is the flexibility. Some producers can operate 7 days a week for a few months, whilst others might only come along once a week. For the suppliers, garden centres offer a great deal, with an already existing customer base and cheaper rent then you’ll find anywhere on the high street.

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March 08, 2015